Tax Sale Excess Funds

what is

Tax Sale Excess Funds?

If your property was sold at a tax sale, you may be entitled to any Excess Funds.

Excess Funds are calculated by taking the amount the Sheriff receives from the tax sale minus the amount of the delinquent taxes, costs, and all other expenses.

Who Is Eligible?

You may be an eligible claimant for excess funds if at the time of the tax sale, one of the following applies:

Lien Holders

Lien holder are given priority in receiving excess funds.

Interpleader lawsuit

The Sherriff may file, when deemed necessary, an interpleader action in superior court where a judge decides how to distribute the excess funds. Such excess funds shall be distributed to the intended parties in the order of priority in which their interests exist. The cost of litigation of such an interpleader action shall be paid from the excess funds upon order of the court.