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Secure Document Sharing and Storage

Securely send documents from your computer or phone.

Infinite storage for documents even after the closing is complete – store and manage all documents in one place.

Documents can be accessed any time!


Secure Communication

Our Platform has a secure built-in messaging system that allows communication with all parties of the transaction. Get immediate responses, saving time and ensuring everything is ready for closing. 

No Hassle Scheduling

You and your clients can now easily find a time and place to coordinate the closing – its never been easier! 

Real Time Progress Updates

You and your clients can track the progress of your closing and get updated when things change, immediately. 

Similar to that way people track shipping purchases, you and your clients can track every phase of your closing!


Mobile App

Work On Your Closings Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Get instant quotes
  • Place title orders
  • Share insights with clients


our platform provides

Industry Leading Security

With over $2 billion lost to real estate scams in the past five years, security is more critical than ever. Troy King Law Firm is giving you and your clients peace of mind with turn-key security features like:

  • Password protection
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Strict access management
SOC Certified

Protect your clients' data and funds by sending messages and sharing documents through our SOC 2 secure platform.

ISO Certified

Protect your clients' data and funds by sending messages and sharing documents through our ISO 27001 secure platform.

Elite Provider 2019

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Top of The Line Security

Our online portal has the highest security standards, ensuring that your clients’ most valuable information is kept safe.

Fast, Easy, & Digital

Setting up your account takes less than two minutes and allows you to instantly request quotes and place orders with us.

Savvy, Intuitive Interface

Streamlined, efficient, user-friendly platform that gives you the ability to walk your client through the contract to close process.