No Re-Keying

Lenders and title & settlement companies can seamlessly share fee information with each others’ files without having to rekey any data.

Seamlessly Update Encompass®

Information updated in Encompass® can be imported into the your file easily.

Instantly Highlight Discrepancies

Identify discrepancies between your Closing Disclosure and your partner title & settlement company’s Closing Disclosure.

Access and Share Closing Disclosures

Easily access all of your partner title & settlement company’s Closing Disclosures, and

Balance & Match Fees in One Click

Import fees with one click of a button to match all fees accurately without having to go through painstaking email back-and-forth.

Built-In Ordering

Our company, powered by Qualia, is available through a click in Ellie Mae’s Encompass for an easy, streamlined ordering process.

lenders gain back hours 

Of Productivity With Us

Documents Versions / Saving

Store drafts and final versions for your records.

Closing Disclosures Discrepancies Found Instantly

Select and highlight fees that need to be balanced, matched, and merged.